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Nighat Huda is Professor and  Director of Health Professions Education at Liaquat National Hospital & Medical College. She is the Founding Member of Women and Health Task Force (WHTF),and  currently Board of Director of Women and Health Together for Future (WHTF), South Africa and also serves as the Board Member of TUFH (Towards Unity for Health) . Prof Huda is the  co-opted member  for National Committee on Maternal and Neonatal health(NCMNH) .  With National Committee of Maternal and Neonatal Health (NCMNH), she has participated in development of manuals including integrated management of maternal and child health care training programs of health work force at primary health care level of Sind region.  She was associated with Ziauddin University model of university community( partnership l aimed at bring benefit to the community.  She contributed in development of Problem-Based Learning modules on family planning, reproductive health and adolescent issues relevant to local context were introduced in medical curriculum .  Medical students experienced community-based activities which focused on learning in PHC and family visits. . She has served as WHO Consultant on implementation of  Community-Oriented Medical Education  (COME) in Pakistan.

For over three decades, Prof Nighat Huda has pursued her  special interest in community based interventions aimed at improvement of quality of life of underserved communities.  Trained as an educationalist, Prof Huda has also  concentrated on building the capacity of grassroots levels of teachers, and health care providers.   She has worked as the national Consultant on  development of training programs  and training of teachers for Family Welfare Workers (FWW).  These FWWs  assist families on population control and visit homes of families for counseling and adopting population control measures including spacing. Earlier in her career, she has helped train “home schools” teachers, and introduced topics on washing hands, cleanliness, hygiene, nutrition, etc.   Home schools were initiated by a non-governmental organization (BUSTI) for underprivileged girls who did not enroll in schools due to social cultural taboos. 

As one of the member of WHTF, Prof Huda participated in the  Covid19 study : A Rapid and Time-Specific Assessment of the knowledge, attitudes and resulting behavior changes in response to COVID-19 among KARACHI  residents  with collaboration of the  department of Public Health Sciences, at the University of Connecticut, USA

Prof Huda  has authored articles in peer reviewed journals, and contributed as a reviewer for national and international journals.  She has been invited speaker to various national and international conferences and webinars on health professions education and  university’s responsiveness to women’s health.

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