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Prof. Amany Refaat (Board Member)

Prof. Amany Refaat, MD, MSc, MHPE, PhD, is a founding member of the Women and Health Together for the Future (WHTF). She is a global public health Online Core Faculty at College of Health Sciences, Walden University (USA); Professor Emeritus of Community Medicine at Suez Canal University (Egypt) and Fulbright alumina.  She lives in Cairo, Egypt. She graduated as a physician; however, focused her career in teaching and research as a university professor.  She had two master’s degrees: MSc Histology from Suez Canal University, Egypt, and MHPE in Health Profession Education from the University of Illinois, then a Ph.D. degree in Public Health (Suez Canal University, Egypt) She worked as a planner, a WHO consultant for medical school community-based educational curriculum development. She authored published works in medical education and co-authored Handbook of Community-Based Education: theory and practices (2000). She received Extraordinary Faculty Award Recipient, Walden University, July 2011

She has extensive long experience in conducting applied and operational research targeting women health problems on national and international levels. She was a principal investigator for Data Management and writer of the final report of the National project of “Women’s health problems in Egypt focusing on Cancer Cervix” National Population Council, 2000- 2005. She is an advocate for eliminating Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting and fighting all types of Gender-Based Violence. She is a published author, editorial board member, and reviewer for more than seven peer-reviewed international journals. 

Dr. Refaat joined the Women and Health Task Force since its inception at 199. She authored the menopause module and co-authored the violence against women, Female Genital Mutilation, and nutrition modules; Women and Health Learning Package, 2nd and 3rd editions, The Network: Towards Unity For Health (TUFH) / Global Health through Education Training and Service (GHETS). She got two mini-grants for Development of educational programs, and training graduated physicians on Gender-Based Violence (2008) and Female Genital Cutting (2006); Global Health through Education Training and Service (GHETS)/ Suez Canal University, Egypt.

She traveled to many regions of the world and appreciates diversity in culture and its effect on women’s life and health.

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