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Delivered by Women, Led by Men: A Gender and Equity Analysis of the Global Health and Social Workforce

Human Resources for Health Observer - Issue No. 24 (English, French)

The report, produced by the WHO Global Health Workforce Network’s Gender Equity Hub, (co chaired by WHO, and Women in Global Health), is the latest gender and equity analysis on the health workforce— looking collectively for the first time at issues of leadership; decent work free from all forms of discrimination, harassment, including sexual harassment; gender pay gap; and occupational segregation—across the entire workforce. It calls for gender-transformative policies and measures to be put in place if global targets such as universal health coverage (UHC) are to be achieved. This report serves as an essential resource to all policy-makers, practitioners, researchers, educators and activists that must make it part of their core business to understand and effect change.


State of the World’s Nursing Report - 2020

6 April 2020

 | Report

State of the World’s Nursing Report - 2020


The State of the world’s nursing 2020 report provides the latest, most up-to-date evidence on and policy options for the global nursing workforce. It also presents a compelling case for considerable – yet feasible – investment in nursing education, jobs, and leadership.

The primary chapters of the report outline the role and contributions of nurses with respect to the WHO “triple billion” targets; the health labour market and workforce policy levers to address the challenges to nurses working to their full potential; the findings from analysis of National Health Workforce Account (NHWA) data from 191 Member States and progress in relation to the projected shortfall of nurses by 2030; and forward-looking policy options for an agenda to strengthen the nursing workforce to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals, improve health for all, and strengthen the primary health care workforce on our journey towards universal health coverage.

The report concludes with a call to Member States and other stakeholders to commit to this agenda.  The investments called for will drive progress toward Universal Health Coverage and across the Sustainable Development Goals including health but also education, gender, decent work and economic growth.

Country profiles

An online section available on the NHWA online portal contains individual country profiles presenting key statistics on nursing workforce. 


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