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Shouldn't certain special precautions be given to pregnant COVID-19 patients?

  • 24 Mar 2020 3:28 AM
    Message # 8853250
    Micarla Abrahams (Administrator)

    COVID-19 is undoubtedly dominating almost all the various aspects of our life from a couple of weeks.The pandemic is constantly making the lifestyle of the people in the infected countries miserable and pathetic.During this crucial time,isn't it necessary to give special attention to those women patients who are pregnant as its the matter of health of both the mother as well as the foetus! 

    What extra care and precautions are likely to be advised to pregnant women during this phase?

  • 31 Mar 2020 1:25 AM
    Reply # 8869034 on 8853250
    Surekha Tayade (Administrator)

    Due to changes in their bodies and immune systems, we know that pregnant women can be badly affected by  respiratory infections. It is therefore important that they take precautions to protect themselves against COVID-19, and report possible symptoms (including fever, cough or difficulty breathing) to their healthcare provider.

    In these challenging times, prenatal care is affected and women have limited access to their health providers. Pregnancy complications and high risk events may be missed and outcome may be adversely affected. There is a risk of increase in maternal morbidity and mortality in this vulnerable population. Thus it is essential to devise strategies for ensuring accessible,affordable and quality care to pregnant women, especially in a situation of general lock down to contain COVID 19

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