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Member benefits

Woman and Health Together for Future Membership is as diverse as public health and maternal health professionals and includes nurses, activists, lawyers, environmental health specialists, health educators, physicians, allied health professionals, alternative health care providers, social workers, academicians, policymakers, interested citizens and students.

10 Great Reasons to Be a Member

  1. Publications: Access to WHTF publications to stay informed about important global women’s health issues through scientific research and case studies.

    Annual Meetings:  Invitation to annual  meetings that provide a venue for the presentation  of scientific papers.

    Professional Development: Workshop and training opportunities

    Business Meetings & Committees: Opportunities  for participation in policy and decision making of WHTF.

    Grants: You will have access to seed grants to implement research and interventions to empower women in your community.

    Listserv: you will have opportunity for Networking and exchange through a large listserv

    You are connected to a larger group banded together to produce positive results for public health in our region.
  2. Annual Educational Conference: The annual Conference provides quality education and networking and you receive a SIGNIFICANT discount by being a member.  You can contribute to the content, help plan the Conference or attend to enhance your professional development.

  3. Public Policy / Advocacy: You can contribute to the strong advocacy program centered on assuring that women's health voices are being heard.  The Legislative Committee prepares legislative updates/alerts, and keeps track of public health issues under consideration by the State Legislature. Public Health contracts with a lobbyist to advocate for priority public health issues.
  4. Free Informational Services: The association keeps members in touch with each other and current issues through the association’s web site and email updates of emerging issues relevant to public health. You remain informed about women's health 
  5. Networking: You have many opportunities to network with public health professionals in our region, building your contacts, sharing ideas, best practices and solutions to enhance your current job, find opportunities for career enhancement, etc. Networking events range from Annual Conferences to regional meetings. 
  6. Affiliation: You will have affiliation with strategic partners.
  7. Discounts on Educational Offerings: You receive reduced registration fees at all WHTF sponsored continuing education events.
  8. Leadership Opportunities: You are provided opportunities to learn and practice leadership and meeting management skills that you may need for your resume, professional growth or self-promotion.  Opportunities are available on the Board, committees and special projects.
  9. Recognition: You can be recognized or can recognize your colleagues for their achievements in women's health.  Some of our heroes work right next to us every day!
  10. Empowerment: You are part of a larger community.  You are empowered to get involved in issues that affect your personal and professional communities and your quality of life.

About the association

Committed women and men from diverse

professions: academics, community

organizers and activists from over 22

countries who educate, advocate and

implement programs to improve women’s

health around the globe.

Address of association

Women and Health Together for the Future (WHTF)

Global Health Education, Training and Service (GHETS)

8 North Main Street, Suite 404

A leboro MA 02703 United States



Dr. Hester Julie

Executive Director, WHTF


Dr. Judy Lewis

Chair, WHTF 


Micarla Abrahams

Administrative Staff, WHTF


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