Women and Health Together for the Future


Work with communities to learn women’s perspectives about what they want and need

Help by mentoring women to become leaders in health

Teach health professions’ students the knowledge and skills needed to meet women’s needs and respect their rights

Fund skills development of community women to assess their needs and improve health care and development


Women and Health: Together for the Future’s Founding Members and Board of Directors, committed women and men, who are academics, community organizers and activists from over 22 countries. They educate, advocate and implement programs to improve women’s health around the globe. WHTF began in 1991 as a taskforce of The Network and hopes to continue this collaboration with The Nework:TUFH. In 2003, GHETS began providing financial support to increase the impact of WHTF. In 2019, WHTF was registered as an entity in the Republic of South Africa; the office is currently located at the Faculty of Community Health Sciences, University of the Western Cape.

Central Tenets

1. Vision: A world where healthy empowered women are recognized and contribute to their communities, where gender equity is a reality for all and women’s human rights are respected.

2. Mission: WHTF mission is to Work, Help, Teach and Fund as the foundation to inspire and empower women to improve their lives. 

3. Focus: There are currently three focal areas of work: Sexual and Reproductive Health, Maternal and Newborn Health, and Violence against Women and Children. WHTF will also address arising issues of importance such as COVID-19


  • 45 seed grants ($3000 each) in 11 developing countries that addressed violence against women, safe motherhood, family planning, nutrition, cervical and breast cancer, HIV, refugee/IDP health, men’s participation and adolescent health.
  • The Women’s Health Learning Package (WHLP), a comprehensive educational tool incorporating case studies and discussion in global, regional and country settings. The 3rd Edition (2019) provides 9 modules on important women’s health topics.
  • Active listserv of over 200 professionals
  • Website and online resources
  • Webinars on women and health topics 
  • Publications and presentations at international meetings

About the association

Committed women and men from diverse

professions: academics, community

organizers and activists from over 22

countries who educate, advocate and

implement programs to improve women’s

health around the globe.

Address of association

Women and Health Together for the Future (WHTF)

Community Health Science

University of The Western Cape

Robert Sobukwe Road

Bellville, Cape Town


South Africa

Global Health Education, Training and Service (GHETS)

8 North Main Street

Attleboro Massachusetts 02703


Fax 425-699-7033

Skype degilman



Dr. Hester Julie

Executive Director, WHTF


Dr. Judy Lewis

Chair, WHTF 


Micarla Abrahams

Administrative Staff, WHTF


Kamayani Bali Mahabal

Digital Head, WHTF


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